stash pouch from shirt cuff

I had seen these stash pouches made from shirt cuffs on Pinterest and thought they were great, but I rarely cut shirts apart. Until I used a thrifted shirt to make a bag in my last post.

After using the body of the shirt to make the bag, I found myself with two shirt cuffs just waiting to be turned into cute little pouches. The tutorial can be found here, and the pouch is very easy to put together.

First, you cut the cuff off the shirt. If you are a perfectionist like me, you will tear the seam open and remove the cut shirt bit that remains between the layers of the cuff. After opening up the cuff, I sewed the part I’d torn open back together before I went on to the next step. If you aren’t bothered by tiny nit-picky things, that piece of shirt won’t drive you crazy and you’ll just fold the top over so it can reach the buttons and button and sew a seam on each side of the bottom part. That’s all! Though I do recommend backstitching at the top and bottom.

My shirt cuff had two buttons stacked vertically, so I sewed the bottom at a length where the buttonhole could reach either button if you had something longer you wanted to store in there.

These were very quick and simple to work up (quicker if you don’t open up the bottom of the cuff). Since the matching bag doesn’t have any pockets, these two pouches will be perfect for track of small items in a larger tote.


4 thoughts on “stash pouch from shirt cuff

  1. That’s a great way to use up those little leftover pieces. I have a few shirts that don’t fit me anymore that I might just use the cuffs from to make similar pouches. They’re kind of cute!

  2. Thanks for your very kind comment on my shepherdress! I love this idea; I’ve got a couple of really cute shirt cuffs sitting around from a refashion project, but I didn’t throw them away because I liked the fabric so much. Now I know what to do with them!

    And oh, cats. What would we do without them 🙂

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