hat and ruffle scarf for Rebecca

Last Thanksgiving I got to see my cousins, Elizabeth and Rebecca, who I mentioned in the last post. I had taken some yarn along with me to pass the time and decided to make a hat for Rebecca. Rebecca was actually learning how to crochet herself and practiced her chain stitch as she watched me work on her hat, made in purple from Caron Simply Soft yarn. I forget what pattern I was using, but it was turning out waaay too big for her head. Instead of tearing the whole thing apart, I thought why not decrease at the brim of the hat and give it a slouchy feel. I wasn’t sure it would work, but if it didn’t I was going to have to tear the whole thing apart anyway. It turned out well and Rebecca and the rest of my family really liked it. It worked well with her hair, and she wore it to church (even though it wasn’t cold) the next day. My aunt sent me this picture of her wearing her new ensemble back at home.

After I made her the hat, she wanted a scarf to go with it. My mom and grandmother and I were planning to head down to The Yarn Lounge across town from my grandmother’s house, so we decided to pick up yarn for Rebecca’s scarf while we were there. I also got some royal blue and turquoise yarns, which I had a plan for but have decided to save for now, and a cable needle, which I have yet to try out. The selection committee of my mom, grandmother and myself went with a lavender shade and I started right away making a ruffle scarf from a Lion Brand pattern. They have so many variations over there, I’m not sure which one I used, but it’s a pretty basic pattern to modify. I added an extra row or two because I didn’t think it was ruffly enough.

Here is Rebecca wearing her finished scarf, which I actually finished at the restaurant where we were celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday so she would have it before she left to go back home. Elizabeth, in the background, liked Rebecca’s scarf and placed an “order” for a lime green one, which I made for her for Christmas along with a flowered headband in lime green and white, similar to this one I made for my friend Natalie.

It’s always fun (and a bit exhausting) to see the girls and I like making them things as much as they like me making things for them!


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