gathered clutches and more button bracelets

My roommate, Kendra, found this gathered clutch tutorial on noodlehead awhile back when my sewing machine was in the shop and I mentally bookmarked it as something to sew when I got my machine back. I had the fabric picked out, but was wary of the zipper so I delayed a bit.

I shouldn’t have worried! The zipper wasn’t bad at all and the clutch worked up quickly. Being a bit of a perfectionist I had a bit of a hard time with the gathering since I wanted it all to be even and perfect, which of course it wasn’t. This first one used pieces I had left from a dark pink sheet, extra fabric from making curtains and a remnant I used to make an apron.

I couldn’t find an 8-inch zipper anywhere so I used a 7-inch zipper and cut an inch of length off from the pouch pieces accordingly. Turns out I probably could have used the measurements as they were in the tutorial since the zipper tabs added length on the loose ends of the zipper and the whole thing turned out to be longer than expected. I had to trim the zippers pretty close to make them the right length with the tabs on.

Here’s another completed pouch front, inside and back:

This one had a divider pocket, but the rest I did without anything inside. It took me a few times making the pouch to figure out that the front/back/lining should be a little longer than the zipper with the end tabs so you don’t get the clipped corner look that you see in these pictures.

I’ve made so many things out of this thrifted pink sheet and there’s still some left! I can’t believe the amount of notions that match almost exactly with the pink. The green and the multi-colored striped fabric are both remnants from Hobby Lobby. The brown and light blue are more curtain leftovers.

(The rented 1950s-era house we are living in now has 18 windows, and 11 of them are nearly floor to ceiling. We didn’t want to buy curtains for all of them so I bought broadcloth and made curtains instead, while Kendra helped me iron and pin. I’ll have to do a post on those sometime. It was a feat! Some measuring mistakes resulted in varying sizes of curtain remainders.)

This last pouch is my favorite, and the one I am keeping for myself. I loved these three fabrics together. I couldn’t believe how well the pink and green matched with the dots in the lining, considering the pink is a sheet, the green is a Hobby Lobby remnant and the polka dot lining is a remnant from Material Girls, my local fabric shop.

I was extremely happy with the way these clutches turned out. The blue with polka dots went to Crystal (whose husband didn’t believe I made it because it looked “too professional!”), the second went to Natalie along with a beaded bracelet for Valentine’s Day, and the third went to roommate Kendra for finding the tutorial in the first place. (A fourth not pictured here will be sent on to another friend who is not expecting it!)

On another note, here are the last two completed button bracelets in my possession. I’ve passed these, along with all the rest, to Cyndi. She said she’ll put them out in the shop this weekend and we’ll see how they do and go from there. There were a lot more of these larger black buttons than anything else, so there’s plenty more where they came from. I’m going to try to resist making more until I see how they sell.

Have a good weekend everyone, and happy crafting!


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