button bracelets

A few months ago I was looking through my roommate’s buttons that she had gotten from her grandmother to finish a project I was working on. I forget what project it was, but I found a bunch of  green buttons with a post back and thought, why not make them into a bracelet?

Green is my roommate’s favorite color and since they were her grandmother’s buttons I thought she might like them in bracelet form since she’s not a sewer. When she got home I showed her what I had whipped up.

I just strung the buttons on thread I had already, used an extra clasp from an earlier bracelet projet and added smaller light-colored buttons to fill in the back. She liked it a lot and for me that was it, nothing more to it.

So Kendra, my roommate, is also my co-worker. She liked the bracelet so much that she wore it to work the next day. My other co-worker, Cyndi, saw it and also really liked it. So much so that when we were out on assignment she started raving about it to the person we were out with.

Cyndi works at an antiques & more store on the weekends and started talking to me about making more to sell. I told her that I could if I could find some buttons. She passed the button search on to her husband, who is into the scene of estate sales and that sort of thing. Not long after that, she told me he had found a trough full of buttons and bought several large scoops. We were in business.

The last few weeks I’ve been whipping up a few bracelets here and there, after dealing with the colossal project of sorting two large coffee cans full of buttons by colors and styles. I’m learning as I go about making the bracelets, like unless the holes on your buttons are all the same length apart, your buttons will slide up under each other. I decided to embrace that look instead of fighting it, and here’s how my bracelets have turned out thus far.

This gray one is my favorite I think, but I also like this light and medium purple one. Shout out to Laura for being my up-for-anything wrist model.

There’s one more black one with larger buttons that I haven’t photographed yet, and I’ll be working on some new ones in the next few weeks. Cyndi’s going to start taking them to her store, so we’ll see how they do there!

This purple post one was our first sale! My co-worker Melanie bought it today and I happened to find some tiny purple flowers growing outside to complement it in the photograph. Thanks Melanie! She says she has a hard time finding bracelets to fit her larger wrist, but these can be made in any size. I’ve made them ranging from 6.5″ to 9″ for a looser fit.

The only trouble with the post bracelets is that they can flip around some, but once you have it on your wrist it tends to stay in place. I’m happy with how they are turning out so far, and hope Cyndi’s customers like them too!


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