butterfly hat and side to side cardigan

I was looking for a photo of the butterfly hat I made for Laura’s daughter, Zoe, (sister of Ben of the dino hat) but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. The hat was easy and fun to make.

(photo from the site for the pattern)

I hope I’m going to discover a folder of photos of all the things I made towards the end of last year, but after searching I have no idea where I might find them.

I had bought a lot of pink cotton yarn on clearance when I realized my Aunt Amy was having a baby girl (Emma!). I made her several washcloths/doilies (picture also missing) but still had a significant amount of yarn leftover. I made Zoe’s hat out of the same pink cotton, but I also decided to try my hand at knitting a baby cardigan.

I had only knitted scarves before this, so I wanted something that wouldn’t overwhelm me. I chose the Side to Side Baby Cardigan, another Lion Brand pattern. Well, the knitting took much longer than I thought and picking up stitches to make the sleeves almost caused me to throw the whole thing out, but I did it! And I’m relatively happy with how it turned out. I’m hoping it will be a nice spring sweater since the cotton shouldn’t be too toasty in milder weather.


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