kindle case

I made a case for my recently purchased Kindle Fire over the weekend. I hadn’t left the house with it since I didn’t have a case for it (plus I didn’t really have anywhere to take it). Luckily the case was easy to finish and I completed it in time to take my Kindle with me so I could read during my oil change on Monday.

I had bought this sweater at the thrift store a few weeks back to make the body of the sweater into a purse. I liked the pattern of it, just not for a piece of clothing.

When I got my Kindle, I checked to see if the device fit into the sleeve and my idea for the case was born. I found a tutorial to make a Kindle/laptop/iPad sleeve on The Cottage Home blog and based my case on that one. I used one side of the sleeve as is, sewed the other one so it was straight and then sewed the bottom closed. I used a zig-zag stitch around the edges to prevent unraveling.

I made the button tab from black fleece, which was the only color fleece I had that really went with it since the sweater is kind of a weird pale lavender periwinkle. I had chosen a larger button with a metal eye backing and made my button hole using that button, which happened to be the largest setting on my automatic buttonholer. I really liked the texture of the button with the sweater fabric, until I realized that it could get pressed into the screen and was probably not the best choice… Instead I went with two plain buttons. I hadn’t used two buttons in one buttonhole before, but for this it works. Sewing a buttonhole on two thick layers of fleece was a bit nightmarish, and you can’t even see the topstitching, but it worked out.

Then I cut two pieces of black fleece I had for the lining and sewed them on three sides. I wanted to keep the sleeve edge of the sweater so I just tucked the three-sided fleece pocket in to the sweater pocket and turned the edge down. I put the tab in between the layers and sewed around the top a couple of times. Then I attached the buttons and it was done! I even got a compliment on it while waiting to pay for my oil change!


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