integrated color scarf

I still had some of Laura’s yarn leftover after making the dino hat and scarf so I made this big bulky scarf for my mom. She lives much further north than I do right now, so a warm wintery scarf makes sense for her. (I have many warm wintery scarves, but few opportunities to use them living in the South. I need to move further north if only for an excuse to crochet more wintery things!) I based this pattern on the Town & Country Scarf, another pattern. I rarely follow a pattern exactly as written, especially when it comes to colors. I am more likely to strictly adhere to the pattern if I’m only working with a single color. It all depends on what I’m looking to make and how I think the pattern is turning out.


One thought on “integrated color scarf

  1. Denise Dudik says:

    This scarf has gotten a LOT of use, even though it has been relatively warm in the northern part of the country also. If it’s below 40, I wear it! 🙂 I have also received compliments on it from complete strangers!

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