dino hat

My craftiness was becoming well-known around the office. One of my co-workers, Laura, mentioned that she had a knitting phase way back and thought she might have some yarn around. She found the yarn and some circular knitting needles in the back of her closet and bequeathed them to me as they dated from a time before she had children, and her oldest is now five. I was looking for projects to keep me busy and her son Ben likes dinosaurs. I found this Stegosaurus Dinosaur Hat pattern on Ravelry. My points weren’t coming out right so I made three different kinds of points, two on the ends, two in the middles and one taller one on top.

I still had plenty of Laura’s yarn left so I decided to make a scarf to match.

This was a simple double crochet scarf. I folded the ends up and stitched the sides to make the pockets for the hands and added claws in blue.

It has been very warm this winter so I don’t know if the set has gotten much use. I’ll have to show Laura this blog post as a nudge to get a pic of Ben wearing it, even though it was in the mid-70s today…


One thought on “dino hat

  1. I was JUST thinking today how I owe you a photo of him wearing it, which so far, has only been around the house. Also, I cannot convince him that the points should go front to back instead of side to side.

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