photosarah crafts: coming from a crafty family

Hi! I’m photosarah, a photographer by day and crafter by night.

My mom is a metallurgical engineer who worked at Jo-Ann Fabrics, sewed, and taught quilting classes when I was growing up. She taught me as many of her sewing and craft tricks as she had time to while I lived at home but thankfully she’s just a phone call away when I need her knowledge or inspiration. I learned crochet from my grandmother over Christmas break my freshman year of college and many of my mom’s (four) sisters are also creative and crafty so I’m carrying on the family mantle.

At times over the years I’ve left my craftiness lapse, but it’s always remained in the back of my head, coming up with ideas and waiting to have free reign over my time. In the last six months or so I’ve been particularly craft crazy. I will be sharing my projects and pattern finds with you all here.


2 thoughts on “photosarah crafts: coming from a crafty family

  1. Shirley Poole says:

    Sarah.. your Mom was telling me about all the things you are making. They are awesome!! I know your Mom from Stampin’ Up workshops with Kathy. I always enjoy getting together at those with your Mom. Shirley

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