hat and wristers for China

My friend Crystal went on a trip to China over Christmas 2011. She is perpetually cold and was having trouble finding cold weather gear that wasn’t black or gray. China is pretty cold in the winter, so I wanted her to have something fun and colorful to wear over there. She sent me some ideas she’d found online and I went from there.

She has a smaller than average head, so I crocheted a hat that would actually fit compared to the ones she was trying on in the store. The pattern has escaped me, but I believe it was a simple single-crochet hat with a couple rows of back-loops-only for the brim.

The wristers are from the Windy City Wristers pattern on LionBrand.com. When I found the wristers pattern, I printed it out before I realized it was a simple beginners pattern for a half-double crochet rectangle, seamed with a thumbhole.

Both the hat and wristers are in Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington, I believe.

I made a scarf out of the same yarn which I must have forgotten to take a picture of. Since Crystal was going to be out sightseeing most of the day on her trip in China, I crocheted a scarf with a hole to pull the end through (which Google tells me is a “keyhole scarf”) to fit closely around her neck without having to adjust it all day long.

Here are a couple of photos from her trip swiped from her Facebook where she is wearing what I made for her. I wish I could have gone to China, but at least some things I made got to go!



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