winter wrap-up

I’m hoping winter will be gone for good shortly! I’m not against a brisk spring but I’ll be fine waiting until next winter for snow and temps below freezing.

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the 50s so I feel like I should get these wintery knitted things out of the queue.

First up is the flip-top mittens I’d posted pictures of (partially finished) on my Facebook page a few times. I started them over Christmas and finished them about a month ago. I’m really happy with how they turned out and think they’ll be getting a lot of wear next year.


I thought the flip-top part might mess me up, but it really wasn’t bad. Underneath, the edge is finished nicely.


With the rest of the super soft Heartland yarn I made a standard hat with 1×1 ribbing to match the 1×1 ribbing on the mittens. I used circular needles and am over dpns for hats now as it went so quickly!


Recognize the yarn for the scarf? I made another scarf out of it earlier this winter and used the rest of it plus another skein to make this infinity scarf.

My boyfriend’s family was asked me if I was making an infinity scarf when I was working on a different scarf over the holidays and I realized I’d never made one! This yarn was perfect for it, plus it’s such a bright happy color for winter.


To make the infinity scarf, I knit a long scarf 2×1 and sewed the edges together at the end.

I’d like to give a shout out to Lion Brand Yarn, my unofficial sponsor. Both yarns I used are theirs, as is the free pattern I used for the mittens. Hoping to get away from yarn and into sewing for spring soon!

winter buntings

I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas bunting for two and a half years. Now that I’ve finished a couple, some please tell me that the trend is still going!

Last Christmas, I got some things together to make a Merry Christmas bunting. The word Christmas is pretty long though so when I finished it a couple weeks ago all I had was the Merry, but the important thing is the sentiment of the season is conveyed in green and red. Maybe I’ll get to “Christmas” in a couple more years ;)



I just sewed green and red triangles together, put some bias tape across the top, and cut out some felt letters and zig-zag stitched them on to the triangles.


So simple it should have taken me way less time to complete!


While I was at it, I finished the “Snow” bunting I’d been wanting to make as well. Still could hang that one up this year as another winter storm warning is rolling through Kentucky tonight…


I sewed three layers of white broadcloth together for these since the white was sheer. To add some pizzazz, I cut out snowflake shapes and sewed them on with the letters.

I’ve started getting back into blogging a little this year with the occasional spring-like day being a good motivator. In the past couple weeks, I’ve also read blogs for the first time this year. I was expecting to see dozens of missed posts from all of my favorites, but instead I saw a lot of “sorry I haven’t been blogging much this year.” So it isn’t just me!

I did buy a couple of patterns to make myself some clothes recently, the Simple Blouse pattern from Running with Scissors and Pattern Parcel #1 which contains some very popular internet patterns like the Lady Skater Dress and the Ava Dress by Victory Patterns at a super crazy discount. Now to find some fabric… Any suggestions?

baby outfit and something for mom too

I completed another round of sewing for Emily last weekend. She welcomed her daughter Grace about two months ago, and it took me this long to deliver the goods on a baby present. I knew what I was going to sew and cut out the pieces weeks ago, but finally sewed them together this past weekend.

Both were made from thrifted adult clothes that now have new life as a baby outfit.


I knew I want to make a peasant dress from this fabric from a thrifted skirt I got back in Alabama. The fabric is a bit tricky as it was cut on the bias and is very shifty, but it came together without too much trouble. (I made a purse from the fabric before.)

I made a couple of baby peasant dresses from thrifted sheets before for charity, but I think this is my new favorite.

I added a little something extra to the hem with the leaf stitch on my machine. I wanted to do some really pretty embroidery as the fabric is perfect for it, but opted not to since I also wanted give the dress to Emily before Grace outgrew it!


The dress seemed so small after I finished it, but when I went to see Grace I realized she was still pretty small. I think she’s already growing too fast for Emily though!

The second part of the outfit was actually finished first. I took a plain brown t-shirt that I decided I wasn’t a fan of in its original state and made a pair of knit pants for the baby. I used the existing hem of the shirt so no hemming! The pants were so easy (I’ve made several pairs now) and should be super comfy for Grace.


The last item I threw in the bag was adult-sized. I’ve made this cardigan pattern before and figured it would be an easy piece to wear for a mom with adorable girls who are two months and two years old.


The fabric is a slinky knit from I had to do a bit of maneuvering to get all the pieces out of one piece of fabric (notice the perpendicular stripes on the lower front panels), but look how nicely I lined up the stripes at the sleeves!


It was so nice to finally meet Grace and to hang out with Emily again. Can’t wait to see a picture of Grace in her new outfit!

sewing for Emily

I haven’t done much (any?) sewing this year aside from mending. My main activities have been working, homework, knitting, reading, and hibernating from the barrage of winter weather. Since I haven’t been good about taking pictures of my knitting once it’s done, I’m taking this opportunity to catch up on some sewing I did last year.

Here are a few projects I completed for my friend Emily.

The cloth diapers her first daughter used for two years were all stretched out and needed new elastic. I replaced all three pieces of elastic in each of the 24 diapers she had. I used this method she’d found online as a starting point, but I didn’t seam rip (I just pulled the edges of the elastic out), and I didn’t sew the ends of the old and new elastic together (I used a safety pin). I’m glad that project is finished, and now the revamped diapers are in use for her newly arrived second daughter!

Here’s what the old stretched out diapers looked like compared to the re-elasticized diapers.


I also made some pillows for the reading nook in her older daughter’s room. She couldn’t find any she liked, so I whipped up three simple envelope pillow covers from fabric she picked out. (There are seriously a million tutorials out there, just Google it!)


Used my newly honed InDesign skills to throw this collage together. So much easier than Photoshop!

Her daughter was pretty excited when I dropped them at their house. I swiped this picture from Facebook to show how they look in the room. Emily definitely has a Pinterest-inspired house.


And finally, here’s a zip pouch I made for Emily for her birthday. I really liked how these little pouches turned out, but they don’t hold a lot of things. (I use the one on the right for all my little knitting odds and ends.)


I used a bigger zipper and extended it out so it would have more practical uses. I really like how it came out and it definitely won’t be the last time I make one of these.


Instead of using an outer layer of fabric, and batting and a lining, I just used an outer layer of fabric and a piece of fleece for the batting/inside. Works just as well!


In spite of my blog absence, it looks like I’m maintaining page views and even picking up some new followers! Welcome, and hopefully I’ll have more (frequent) content for everyone to look at in the future. :)

almost February

So we’ve got about one week til February and I haven’t blogged yet this year. I also haven’t read any blogs, so I’m wondering how many unread posts I’ll have when I log in to my feedly account…

I continued my knitting blitz over Christmas break and then hit a wall. Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the last several weeks.

I made perhaps the best hat ever using this pattern.


Why is this hat the best? Because it is super stretchy and I can therefore throw it on without messing up my hair. It’s been frigid here in Kentucky lately so it’s been getting a lot of wear and I love it!


I’m planning to use the skein of gray Jiffy that I’ve been holding onto to make another one. This first one was made from a skein of Malabrigo my mom gave me as a gift awhile back. I did really well at using up my stash last year!

Then I made one.5 flip-top mittens using a gorgeous colorway of Lion Brand Heartland. Hoping to get the motivation to finish them soon.


I also made this hat by request for the boyfriend. It started out slouchy but we ended up going with a more close-fitting style.


He is an excellent hat model :) And pretty darn cute too.

He picked the yarn (one pure wool, one wool-acrylic blend), the style, the width of the stripes, everything. There are a few minor things that could be improved upon, but all in all I’m pretty proud of it.


It’s basically a modification of the hat I made Andrew last year. And I happened to snap a picture of Andrew wearing his hat over Christmas before he headed out on an ice climbing/skiing expedition for school.

andrew in hat

With almost matching glasses.

And so far this year I’ve been hibernating inside trying to deal with the below-freezing temps and subsequent lack of motivation.

I took a long weekend last weekend and went to visit this little girl and her parents.


And I’ve been working and reading Game of Thrones and taking a couple of classes online (computer programming and InDesign) since I get free college classes through work. I’m really liking both so far and am already thinking about some other classes I’d like to take in the future. It’s been five years since I got my bachelors so having homework is a bit of an adjustment!

it’s so fluffy!

As of yesterday, I am off work for two straight weeks. Woohoo! I’m hoping to fit a lot of crafting in between now and then, but there will also be lots of visiting family, both the boyfriend’s and my own. This will be our 8th New Year’s Eve together.

Here are a couple more yarn-y things I’ve made lately.

The first is a scarf I whipped up for a scarf exchange with friends. We each brought a scarf and picked one out of the pile at random. There were only four of us so it wasn’t too random, and none of us ended up “stealing” each other’s scarves as we were all happy with the one we picked out. :)

Amanda used to crochet but has problems with her wrist, so I was really surprised and excited to get a handmade scarf crafted by her! She’s started working on a loom and as you can see it’s been going well so far.


I knew it was homemade as soon as I pulled it out of the bag, because I recognized one of my favorite kinds of yarn.

I forgot to take a picture of mine, so I had the scarf’s new owner, Lindsay, snap a few. She did an excellent job!


I really like how Lindsay has decorated her place. Love that rug.

I made it the same way as the purple scarf I made for Crystal last year (Super Easy Squishy Scarf), but it looks a lot different now that I learned the right way to purl. I used size 13 needles and Lion Brand Homespun in Tulips. I wasn’t sure how my friends would feel about the strikingly hot pink color, but they were all fans.


One more showcase of Lindsay’s photography skills. After I requisitioned the favor of her snapping some photos of the scarf, I realized I never took pictures of the coasters I made her either. Not super exciting, but I wanted something her dog couldn’t chew up like the cork coaster she had. He still tends to run off with them, but he can’t do as much damage.

I made a couple of square ones, and a couple of double layered circle ones out of a blue yarn bought with the gift certificate to a yarn store that she bought me for Christmas last year.


By the way, coasters are a super easy gift that are always useful if you are looking to make something last minute. I have several sets around the house that I use daily.

That’s all for now folks. I’m hoping to wrap up the rest of my Christmas shopping today so wish me luck! Jackson already assisted me in wrapping some gifts this morning.